christmas fun from the kiwi in my life

Today I have Sarah from Oh, The Things I Think taking over the blog. A very Christmas-centric post. As usual around here this lovely month of December. Check her out. She makes me laugh (nothing new there). Plus she has a whole bunch of great Paris photos up lately because well. She went to Paris.

We both came up with some questions, all related to Christmas naturally. And then we do what one does with questions and we answered them. Take it away Sarah!

What's your favorite Christmas memory from your childhood?
My parents had a friend turn up at our house one Christmas morning dressed as Santa. We lost our minds haha. We got to hang out with Santa and open presents with him. It was soooo cool! He even played outside with us on our Moonhoppers after.

What are unique traditions your family does each year?
My Mama makes yummy cheese balls, they are soooo good. And super good Christmas mince pies.
We do stockings first thing in the morning. Stockings are a big thing for us. Decorations always go up the first of December. My Mums ham glaze is also one of our traditions. My sisters cookies. My tart.

What is your least favorite thing about the season?
Now that we are expats - it is the Christmases we can't be at home. Christmas away is rough. Like, rough. We are lucky to have friends in Perth and in Houston so close that they are like family though. And that definitely helps.

Half of our Australian family.
Christmas in Perth.

Rugby on Christmas night.
My beautiful Perth sisters xx
Any tips for holiday survival?
Alcohol. Fresh air. Keep smiling. Remember how blessed you are.


What is your favorite Christmas cookie (bonus points for including a recipe)?
I'm not a big cookie person. But, my sister makes super yummy peppermint cookies.. I will find the recipe when I am home (watch this space).

What is the first thing you do on Christmas morning?
When I was a kid I would make my parents a Coffee to encourage them to get up.. But now I get up and start making food. I put the Ham on to slow bake and make the glaze. And start prepping other food.
Then I make them a coffee. And Breakfast.

What is your favorite Christmas food?
 Have I mentioned Ham?

Looking back on it, what was the weirdest/funniest gift you ever wanted as a child?
I was a big Ace of Base fan. I wanted their second album like crazy. There is a photo of me shaking  a present and I can hear that it is a cassette. You can see the excitement on my face..

... On the next photo you can see the anger as I open a Disney cassette lol.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?
This is hard. But probably Home Alone 2, Santa Clause, and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

If you could be a reindeer or an elf, which would you be?

An elf. Because there was a super cute Elf in the Santa Clause. I think he grew up to be Charlie in "Numbers". I had the biggest Elf crush when I was a kid. So yep. Elf.

Apologies for the lack of photos.. I only have some on me from the Perth Christmases!

Yay Christmas! Yay blog swap! Yay Andiamo!
Thanks for having me Loz!


If you see my answers and are fascinated by the mystery behind this Ham loving kiwi, you can check me out here..

Fun fact? Loz is a kiwi thing. It's my new nickname. It's a pretty big deal. And I like it, as I haven't gotten nickname since I was in college. Thanks for popping by Sarah! As always it's a pleasure and a joy!