christmas eve and more

'twas the night before Christmas. There was much to be done. There was reindeer food to be laid out. There were cookies to plate and milk to pour. There was Cornelius to say goodbye to. And then there was partying to accomplish.

We did the first three in the late afternoon because after all that partying the children would hopefully be sleeping in their car seats and go straight to bed, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Foreshadowing: this was a great success. We can't not do these things so they were done early. And that's the end of that ridiculous explanation.

This marked the third anniversary of my parent's Christmas Eve party. People get gussied up in their finest (and if you're Matt you think that is jeans) and pop on by for some drinks and some eats. 

Matt made two different beverages. A caramel apple vodka and a berry sangria punch.

The dessert table was my favorite place. You can see why...

My poor sister was home sick. Isn't it just the worst to be sick on Christmas Eve? She was missed. But she was there in spirit.

My mom set up a soup station. It may be cold outside but it was warm and filling inside courtesy of said soups. Loaded baked potato, taco, and rustic tortellini soups were all available.

The lovely hosts. Otherwise known as my parents.

My mom had coloring books and these lovely pops for all the children. Isn't she just the best Nonna?

After the party died down the kids were all snuggled warm in their footies and car seats and we were homeward bound. Where Matt and I promptly disposed of the milk and cookies and Cornelius and set out all the presents. Have to keep up appearances you know. I apparently was too tired to even use the automatic focus on my camera. 

Merry Christmas to all! And to all a goodnight!!