a rushed letter to santa + memories made?

I'm pretty sure this was a complete waste of time and I am well aware that Letty cannot write and she pretty much thinks her name is spelled T-T-Y, but I still thought a Letter to Santa was a necessary project. Two things happened yesterday that warranted such behavior. Call it a Perfect Storm if you will.

1 - I re-discovered an app that allows you to upload photos and personalize a video message from Santa called Magic Santa. The only bummer about it was that unfortunately this Santa cannot pronounce "Letty" so he just kept saying "my dear friend." Details. She watched the video and was pretty much thinking it was the best thing ever, even the part where it said that she should listen to her mother more often (score!). 

2 - A local radio station has something going on where you text your kid's name to 717-885-2775 and then within two minutes Santa will call your phone. Don't worry. It's a recording. Also very exciting. Also reminds the kid to be good. Get the theme here!? Help Santa!

And that is how it was officially decided that Santa needed a letter. But it was also officially decided that she wanted to watch the Grinch and so she wanted to get this letter business done faster than her father could open the door to head down to the theater. It had to be written and signed quite quickly by yours truly. It also needed to be signed by both children even though David's wish was not expressed. Typical.

Oh these memories. Savoring every last second and treasuring them for years to come I'm sure.

Yup. She just threw the letter at Cornelius to take back to Santa and knocked him right over. It may appear to you that he is trying to commit elfin suicide... but in reality he was just trying to eat jelly beans. More on Cornelius to come later. I know you're thrilled Alissa. Wink wink.