winter wonderland is back!

It never gets old does it? Well I'm sure it does for you dear readers but to the parent of a very passionate three year old Dutch Wonderland never loses it's luster. Each time is just as exciting as the first time. And this time! This time there was lights! Christmas music! And a wind chill to rival say... Alaska? Okay I'm probably exaggerating just a tad but the handy little app on my phone informed me that it feels like 20 degrees and well. I'm a nana. 

It was the opening weekend of Dutch Winter Wonderland. If there is one thing that you can never count on with two little children it's the health of a weekend. This weekend they were relatively healthy. It wasn't raining. And we had nothing else to do. So we jumped (read: I jumped and Letty jumped but Matt dragged his feet just a tad.) at the opportunity to fill an hour or so with some theme parking.

Besides the frigid temps and Princess Brooke's costume change and the lights and all that festive stuff the only new thing to report was the riding of the Frog Hopper. That and the fact that we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Some of the rides we were told we were the first ones on for the day. Now that my friends doesn't happen every day. 

It only took about 45 minutes for me to get the feeling back in my toes. The kids got a nice warm tub and a movie to round out the perfect little Sunday.