who david is at 16 months. and one week.

It snuck up on me. This 16 month old thing. And then last night he climbed up onto my lap and said tickle tickle tickle. Just like that. Like it was a word he had known all along and only just now decided was worth vocalizing. So I tickled him and he did his cackle/laugh that he does and when I stopped he looked up at me and said again! And then I thought to myself... Well sheesh. How old ARE you? So I checked. I missed the 16 months by only a week. That's not too bad for a second child right? A week late? This guy deserves to be spoken of. He is so often not spoken of. His sister is dominating and loud and demands attention (God love her). He is easy and happy and fun. He is a joy. And he's so much more. 

Sixteen months brings (a sick) David:

- Other than 'tickle' he has added 'choo choo' and 'did it' to his repertoire. If you say something is dirty he will make an "ack" kind of noise. Naturally we treat him like a parrot and want to show off his new skill. 
- His diet is something Mother of the Year awards are made of. Chicken nuggets. Pizza. Quesadillas. Cheerios. Pretzels. Goldfish. Pancakes. Chocolate. The only thing I can semi say I'm proud of is the veggie straws and his love of milk. But then again, the milk must be chocolate. He blows on his own food when it's hot. Something his sister prefers to have us paupers take care of. Oh and utensils? He's got that coordination down pat.
- Daylight Savings Time. You spiteful minx you. We are promptly waking up at 6:00 a.m. most days. Up and ready for breakfast like yesterday. 
- Those munchkins in the Wizard of Oz? They are really interesting. He will stand and stare for a solid thirty seconds. I mean... that's huge. He also drops it like it's hot.
- Little Blue Truck and his book of animals are his two favoritest books. If he can't find them? Prepare your ears. Once he learns his words I'm sure we are all in for an assault of epic proportions. For now we just get red faced yelling. The Little Blue Truck got a little tape TLC last night... It's so well loved and worn. Those neighbors. They know a good book when they see one. 
- Smell his feet. He loves it. And no they are not gross he's a baby and babies don't keep. Some day he will stink. I have two brothers. I know.
- He is a boy. Laugh if you will. But he is a boy! He loves boy things and wheels and trucks and planes and how? How? He is barraged day after day by princesses and pink and tiaras and yet through all that he finds a car. And he pushes it back and forth watching the wheels go around and around. He'll spot a plane way up high and stop the presses! Plane! Point! Ma!
- We underestimate him. Just because he's quiet and chill we forget that this is such a great age he's in. That he's turning into a kid and he "gets" us. If we ask him to get his shoes he knows just where they are and he sits patiently in my lap while I put them on. He loves turning the pages on his books and playing peek-a-boo and clapping and dancing. He loves wrestling around on the floor with his sister and laughs the whole time. He was touching the ornaments on my tree last night and I said no no D.... A few times and then I said do you want to go to time out? And he stopped touching immediately. Made a frustrated squawk noise and promptly turned heel and headed for the door (The door is where Letty sits when she's in time out.). I have to catch myself. He's no longer my Baby D. 

He shuts the bathroom door and helps me clean up and gives the best bear hugs. I think I'll keep him.