when your best friend turns five

Saturday my E had a birthday party. She is turning five in some sleeps and that is really old because I'm only two three years old so she's a lot older than me. Okay? She invited my mommy and daddy and B too which is okay. I don't know.  Her Mark and Stephs and Li-lam came too. I stop paying attention when I see my E. She's the icing to my cake. 

The birthday party wasn't at E house it was at a bowling alley. I didn't see any bowls and I thought that I would get snacks in my bowl. I kept seeing soccer balls but my mommy says not all balls are of the soccer variety. I stop paying attention when she uses big words. 

The bowling alley had pizza and a Sofia the First cake and cupcakes. Me and E like the same things. That's why we are best friends. Forever. I pushed a ball down the floor (my mommy says it's called a lane but I didn't see any roads just a floor. And there were no cars.) but it was heavy. There were other people there too but I don't talk to anyone that I don't want to talk to. I wanted to roll all the balls but there is something out there called a turn and whatever that is I don't like waiting for it. My brother did a lot of walking around and climbing and my mommy and daddy had to take turns with him. I hugged Li-lam around the neck really hard. I won the ball game but mommy says that we didn't even bowl enough rounds to finish the game. I stop paying attention when she says things that I do not like. 

//i hug my E\\

//my mommy wore cray-zay pants\\

//i stop paying attention when my mommy says no running\\

//i cry when people sing the birthday song. i don't like that.\\

We got a purple bag with chocolate covered pretzels and a frame for my fridge. Stephs is the sweetest. Mommy says it's called being thoughtful and considerate. My mommy doesn't have those things. 

I heard all the tall people talking about things like drinks and IV's of wine and shots lined up and birth control. They all really wanted those things. I don't care. They can have their special juice because it's got nothing on my chocolate milk. 

We all went back to E house and I was really worried because I couldn't see my E but mommy and daddy kept saying she was in her car and I just couldn't see her so I kept asking because when I ask things a lot of times I usually get stuff. But then I saw her. She was still there. I hugged her very hard around her neck and she laughed. 

I just love my E. Stephs tells my mommy that we are like sisters. I don't know what that is but I know she is my most favorite person. When I go seven sleeps without seeing her I run to her like that nanny lady that sings about deer and drops of golden sun. My mommy says that my E was like her baby before she could have one. That she filled a hole in my mommy's heart while mommy waited for me. My E spit up on her and mommy said it was ok because that meant good luck and mommy wanted luck. My E slept in my room before I did. My E was my best friend before I was out of my mommy's belly. I love playing with her and going to Dutch Wee with her. She makes me laugh and she shares her princess dresses with me and we share our popcorn too. I love her and her birthday party. She's old. I want to be five too so I can be like my E. Happy Birthday!

Letty (pals!)