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what should have been our christmas card photos.


Cooperating toddlers. That's a conundrum if I ever heard one. Today the kids were rocking their new Christmas tees and they were just hugging and being surprisingly well behaved and cute. So out came the camera. And. Well. 

Excuse me while I spend the rest of the day pouting in the corner with my wine. These would have been much cuter than the ones I already uploaded, purchased, stuffed and addressed for the Christmas cards this year. Yes. I am being a sullen teenager. Lucky Matt. Oh and sorry to all of those in my life that will get my crappy card in the mail this week. The vision I had in my head was so much nicer than reality. 



  1. Such gorgeous litte ones you have! Too bad your pictures don't make you as happy as these do. I bet they are still cute. I mean how could they not be!

  2. Adorable, as usual! Letty looks so grown up!

  3. So much cuteness! Love the little reindeer socks! Cutest thing ever!

  4. 2 cards!!! One for Christmas…and one for Christmas Eve? I don't know, but these pictures are so super cute!

  5. Aww! I love them! So cute :) good thing you have your blog so we can all see the adorable pictures even if they aren't on your Christmas card :)


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