what betrayal looks like. otherwise known as boy's first haircut.

I started to notice something about David lately. It crept up on me to be honest. But one day there it was just the same. No it's not his Elfen Ear (more on that later). It was far worse. It was a mullet. How could I be so neglectful of his lovely locks? Thankfully I have a very dear friend who is also a hair stylist extraordinaire to remedy this.... situation

David suspected nothing. One moment he was hanging out in his buddy Jeremiah's high chair and the next thing he knew this Cape of Doom was around him. It really was just too much for him to bear. The situation went nothing but downhill from there. The crocodile tears just kept on coming, one right after the other. 

With every snip he made the above face. As if he could actually feel the pain of his fallen comrades hair. Good thing I too have gotten many a hair trim from Rhonda. Lest I suspect that he was in fact IN pain. In the meantime his wretched mommy did lots of giggling and awh-ing and attempted shushing. And I also got a good count of his teeth. Twelve to be exact. 

Hopefully he will forgive her soon enough. 

I personally think he looks super handsome. What's a little torture and betrayal when you get to look this good?

And as for his Elfen Ear... Or his Colbert Ear... It's all from his bout of torticollis when he was an infant. The position his head was in pushed his left ear forward and "trained" his otherwise perfect ear to prefer to stick out. I hear a minor surgery (yikes!) can fix it right up but I can't do that to him. Maybe I'm the only one that notices it yes? Well and now all of you...



  1. Haha aww. Poor little guy. Mullet or ear sticking out...he is about as cute as they come.

  2. My little guy detested his first cut too, now he loves them because he gets candy afterward and he likes to flirt with the stylists. Does he look older to you with his hair shorter now?

    1. Why didn't I think of bribing him! He may not have really understood but it would have at least calmed the hysterics! What a great idea. And yes. :( he really does look older. Like a little boy and not a baby. Sniff.

  3. I hate to say it but this made me giggle - am I evil? Its just the cuteness is so extreme :P

  4. Poor guy hahahah... I used to be a hairstylist so Ive seen many children freak out like this. I never could figure out why exactly it was so terrifying!!! He looks super handsome though!!


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