thanksgiving's past

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you are surrounded by lots of family and/or friends and that you eat your full of everything that some people out there may say is yummy! I shall be the one barely eating the traditional meal because I will have gorged myself on all the wonderful Italian treats that have traveled in from New York with my relatives.

Enter cliche 'what I'm thankful for' paragraph. Let's all be thankful for the day and for the people who are with us. The food and the laughing and the noise. For the health of today and for the hope of the future. And let's all be thankful for the time we had with those who are no longer sitting at the table with us. For those were special times. Thanks to it all I suppose. 

Some remembrances of Thanksgiving's past (except 2008 because apparently Thanksgiving didn't happen that year?):








Happy Thanksgiving everyone!