story time. craft time. food time.

We all squeezed into a house just so chock full of Christmas already... Uncle Scoops read to the kids like the Clark Griswold of Christmases past. Matt made his famous chicken parmesan even without a working oven (don't let your potatoes boil over-it will ruin the oven's control panel and cost you serious coin. We are lucky enough to have generous neighbors who allowed Matt to hijack their kitchen). Aunt Sue and her patience worked on a candy cane craft with Letty that involved lots of cutting and giggling. And there was kissing and cuddling with David. For he is a kind soul. Oh and I showed everyone the Prancercise video. Uncle Glenn was most impressed. Some YouTube sensations just never get old in my eyes.

I'd say that the time is upon us to start over-eating till the point of illness. But that wouldn't be quite true of me. In our house that pretty much happens whenever four or more are gathered. 

I was trying to be a good hostess and so therefore was a forgetful photographer. The food was amazing. Especially that Apple Cobbler Cake. With yellow cake mix. You had me at hello. I also neglected to get the final product from the craft. Get it together Laur. I'd say I'm sorry but Aunt Sue would scold me. Apparently I say it too much. Eh Matt? 

In completely unrelated but equally awesome news have you heard of these things? They blend in with our tree and now the tree smells like a real life tree and thank you mom and dad and the wonder smells of spruce! Genius.