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I had a lot of fun doing one of these in the Fall, and I figure next year at this time it might be kind of interesting to look back and see what I was all about this Christmas. So here is my totally random and "make no sense" list of Christmas Season Favorites.

1// Festive Socks. I have these but without the green. Can't beat the price. And I need them for my Jingle Bell 5k. Because... it's obvious. 2// Yankee Candle's Home for the Holidays. I feel like this needs no explanation but it is quite possibly my favorite scent of theirs ever. They should never ever stop making it. 3// The Holiday. I love so so many Christmas movies. The list could be a post in and of itself. But this is one of our favorites. I say our because Matt enjoys as well. Winner winner. 4// Southwestern Print Leggings. I'm not sure how these relate to the holidays but I just got them and they scared me at first in their loud-ness. But I ended up loving them. 5// Lands End Needlepoint Stockings. Call me old fashioned. But I love think they are perfect. I finally purchased one for myself. Now we all match. Must have uniformity. 6// Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Color, in Cherry Red. I am thinking red nails from now till January. Yes? And this brand only needs one coat (!) which as any of you with toddlers knows is KEY. 7// Casillero del Diablo. Cabernet Sauvignon. It's stick to your ribs kind of wine. Bad description. It warms you up. It's thicker. Good for when it's cold out and you are watching White Christmas while decorating the tree. Not that I'm saying I did that... 8// These Rudolph Books. They have been a favorite of Letty's for the past two Christmases. She still loves them just as much and now gets to share with her brother. He gets the opportunity to add his own teeth marks to the corners.

And that's that. I think you could call this post a 180. Ha.