just another saturday night

My husband can cook. This meal was just like something he would make for us any ole night of the week. He just whips things up out of thin air this man. But Saturday it looked so pretty and all professional in his new cast iron skillet that I had to bring out the camera. I don't brag about him and his many talents often enough on here. Read: next to never. 


He never really follows a recipe. Yes he is one of those people, for which I normally call him something along the lines of an asshat.. His starting points were found here and here. Don't worry I won't try and elaborate at all so I've asked him to take over this portion of the blog today. So without further ado, I give you, the one, the only, the Man of Questionable Heritage, Chef Matteo.

Hey everyone - first and foremost I would like to thank you Laur for giving me the opportunity to talk about what I love to do..... make people say mmmmmmm - and NO not like that - perverts.  
Well I am addicted to Pinterest and the sole reason is for the cooking and libation ideas.  Here is a great skillet chicken (Yes skillet - do not transfer this to a serving dish.  Much more rustic still in the cast iron skillet) with lemons and rosemary.  
The recipe calls for chicken thighs, but I am a HUGE fan of buying a whole chicken and breaking it down - that way there is some bone and muscle for everyone's liking (especially since the owner of this blog will not eat any chicken that is still on the bone. GASP! I know  trust me, I am trying).  I really do believe that the only thing you need to be worried about with this recipe is that you do NOT, I repeat NOT want to marinate the chicken in this sauce - we are not trying to make a Ceviche or anything here. (hey it's laur and i don't get it either hence the link for a definition)
Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.  All you really do here is after you have mixed the "non-marinade" (remember don't marinate) all over the chicken, is take a large cast iron skillet (or whatever pan you have), add some olive oil and put the chicken SKIN SIDE down and sear off to a golden brown.  Flip the chicken and add whatever "non-marinade" you have left over in the bowl.  If you are doing a lot of chicken (like an entire chicken) than do it in sections (thighs, legs, breasts - easy on the breasts don't want them to dry out).  Than add all the chicken to the pan, add the squeezed lemons sections and two sprigs of rosemary and throw it in the oven for 25 - 30 minutes.  
Voilà  - sit back and act like it was no big deal.
Only thing I forgot was the lemon zest - idiot.  There is always next time - no one noticed. Shhhhh it's our secret.  

For those who do not know my husband he loves to cross the line for laughs. He just has a sick sense of humor. Ahem. Moving on.... Other than the puns he should start a food blog yes? Let's all say yes. 

This lovely little pasta was actually a creation of my brain (strange I know) and Matt was able to make it a reality. Garlic, oil, cherry tomatoes and some basil. Very light but oh so tasty. It's one of my favorites.

Not to switch gears drastically or get all Negative Nancy or anything but after the kids went to sleep we watched The Impossible. It's been a long time since we've watched a movie that was so intense and gripping from start to finish. Based off the true story of the Belón  family's experiences during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and resulting tsunami. I spent most of the night thinking about it. And probably most of Sunday. All those poor people. And then I went to a really dark place and kept thinking about what would have happened to my family if we had been on the beach that day... dark place those thoughts. I may never go to the beach again. Moral of the story: if you like intense, edge-of-your-seat movies...This one is worth a watch.

And that was our night. The end.