i suppose this makes me a real blogger now + a giveaway

I started this little adventure into the blogging community only seven months ago. I started it for many reasons. But basically I've just really loved meeting all kinds of fun people and all the internet stalking that comes with that. Oh yeah and forming a virtual journal of my kid's lives that I'll have the pleasure of reliving over and over again. Can't forget that. Because that is pretty great.

There are some things that bloggers just do. Stereotypically speaking...They wear their hair in top knots. They love statement necklaces and maxi skirts. They don't let anyone take a bite of their food before snapping a quick picture. They may have a bit of a problem with over-sharing. They do guest posts and they join in on giveaways.

That last one? Yeah that's what this is about. Personally, I'm notorious for avoiding contests like the plague, only because I've suffered a lifetime of never winning. But you? You should give it a whirl. Hey you never know. Maybe you'll have better luck than I. Don't worry. I'm seeing a Buddhist about it. So.

I joined up with four other bloggers for a Fall giveaway. Check out each one and show them some love on their blogs. Because that's what you do with giveaways.





And don't forget the creative genius behind this entire thing, Melissa

We all joined together and came up with 10 of our favorite fall products. Because... Well why not?

Here are said products in their entirety: 

We each picked two of our favorite Fall products and for one lucky winner you will be receiving all 10 items. We are from all different areas and came up with 10 completely different items. There's some Essie nail polish, a Starbucks gift card, herbal tea, a candle, etc. For one lucky winner they are going to be getting some awesome goodies. To all of those new to blog giveaways? It's free. Just clink on the link below and enter away. This is also a way for us to say thank you to one of our readers. So... thank you!

Good luck to everyone and happy Fall!!   A Rafflecopter giveaway.