happy hauntings. spooky at night.

Something we've never done? Go to Dutch Wonderland at night. Sunday was the last day of Happy Hauntings and we thought yeah sure let's brave the suddenly cold weather to take the kids and see what it looks like all lit up. Get more candy. Etc. 

It was d.e.a.d. 

See what I did there?? 

Hardly anyone on the rides. We pretty much had the place to ourselves... At the late hour of 5:30 p.m. Maybe most parents would protect their children from the cold on a school night. Not these parents. 

There wasn't much unusual about this trip other than the hour. Same rides. Same squeals. Same fun. Just more layers and less people. Oh and Letty called everything from the ghosts to the lights to the pumpkins "spooky." 

And that's that. For a few weeks until the Christmas version of DW opens up.

Can we just all discuss how wretched it is for something that as a teen was so glorious, Daylight Savings Time, can then turn it into another form of parental torture? It's Thursday and we still can't figure it out. And by we I mean those under four feet tall. If anyone has a fool-proof method for this transition I'd love to hear it. We've tried it all. Keeping them up late the night before... Shortening naps.. Waking up early... Drugs. You name it. But as soon as that sun is up I hear an oh so stealthy 'mamaaaaa?' on the monitor... And I curse my 16 year old self for that extra hour. I hope you used it Laur of 1999. Hope you used it.