friday favorites

For your weekend reading pleasure... my favorite things I have found on the internets. This week.

This shirt. Because I fear it's true. All of it. Everything that it's saying.

Curious about some of the differences between us 'Mericans and say, Kiwis? Yeah me too. The bathroom stall thing I totally don't understand either Sarah. She's heading off to Paris here shortly and well. I'm just green.

Wandering Java Lover. Now Tabitha isn't really a new find to me... However this week we discovered quite a few things in common. Mainly the fact that we were decorating for Christmas two and a half weeks prior to Thanksgiving. With wine. See the first point of this post.

A gorgeous ring and an even better story. I'm a sucker for antique sentimental pieces of jewelry.

Ever wonder what it might be like to live in Alaska? I have actually. I have a feeling that many a morning would look like this. Except perhaps with more French. Although maybe Kelsey was just editing for the innocence of her readers.

I know this isn't new to a lot of you... but I just love Camp Patton. See yet another example here. I don't think it could get much funnier/more real/more relate-able than Grace. Plus I saw this and I teared up. Me. The heartless one.

And lastly. This Doughnut Story. Stay with it till the end. I actually laughed out loud. Me in my kitchen. With two concerned toddlers wondering about their mother's sanity.

Have a great weekend! I'm probably going to spend it staring at my tree.