every little girl needs a pink christmas tree

Don't act like you are surprised. If you know me in real life you already know this about me. I love Christmas and decorating for Christmas. And it's like a lot of work so I sometimes do it before Thanksgiving. Especially in the kid's rooms. 

This was the second year of The Pink Tree. I never had a pink tree. I had a green tree. So I made the executive decision that not all Christmas trees must be green and so Letteria got herself a pink tree. Complete with carriages, castles, bows, ballerinas, flowers and butterflies. And glitter. Can't forget the glitter. 

//hanging ornaments can be a painful enterprise\\

Some of my favorite ornaments, including a special gift from her bestest of friends...

I went to Hobby Lobby on Friday. "Habbay Labbay" for you Colbert fans. That store is bad for my wallet. And I don't craft. At least regularly. I found these pink trees and they were 50% off and basically inserted themselves into my cart. They look mighty fine on Letty's dresser if I may say so.

Just a friendly warning... If you don't like Christmas or anything related to that then I'm kinda thinking I'll see you in January. 



  1. I love the pink tree. I absolutely love it. And bugger me, Hobby Lobby is amazing and dangerous. We don't have stores that big and crazy all for the crafts in NZ. If my Mum visits the US, that is the first place I am taking her!!

  2. LOVE the pink tree. I put little tree in my sons room and he loves to pick out ornaments for it. I might get him a bigger one this year!

  3. ADORE the pink tree! This is so cool that you are starting to decorate now. Scott asked me the other day if I wanted to pull out the decorations while we were on staycation. I really, really wanted to but I said we should probably want till after Thanksgiving.

    I just realized it is technically after Thanksgiving for me. I bet you, I'll use that excuse and they will go up this Sunday! hehe

  4. ahahaah, I love that you're all about Christmas already. I just watched Hocus Pocus today, so clearly I am behind on holidays and shit.

  5. I love the pink tree too! How very pretty!!
    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club.Great blog!
    Have a nice day!


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