every little girl needs a pink christmas tree

Don't act like you are surprised. If you know me in real life you already know this about me. I love Christmas and decorating for Christmas. And it's like a lot of work so I sometimes do it before Thanksgiving. Especially in the kid's rooms. 

This was the second year of The Pink Tree. I never had a pink tree. I had a green tree. So I made the executive decision that not all Christmas trees must be green and so Letteria got herself a pink tree. Complete with carriages, castles, bows, ballerinas, flowers and butterflies. And glitter. Can't forget the glitter. 

//hanging ornaments can be a painful enterprise\\

Some of my favorite ornaments, including a special gift from her bestest of friends...

I went to Hobby Lobby on Friday. "Habbay Labbay" for you Colbert fans. That store is bad for my wallet. And I don't craft. At least regularly. I found these pink trees and they were 50% off and basically inserted themselves into my cart. They look mighty fine on Letty's dresser if I may say so.

Just a friendly warning... If you don't like Christmas or anything related to that then I'm kinda thinking I'll see you in January.