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diy glitter pears


Who doesn't love a bit of glitter? Perfect for the holidays and reflecting all those lovely twinkle lights (the little lights...they aren't twinkling! I know, Art. Thanks for noticing.). I kinda want Pottery Barn to come and decorate my house for Christmas. Please. However, since I am not made of cash I tried to find one little way to bring PB into my home as cheaply and easily as possible for someone as un-crafty as myself. Enter: fake pears covered in glitter.

I got my pears at Hobby Lobby. I'm sure Dollar Tree would have a more affordable option but patience is not my forte and I happened to be at the HobLob. I also think regular glitter might have also been more economical but see the prior sentence. And, have you ever been in a Hobby Lobby? I need a map. So you got your faux fruit, your glitter, and in my case, Elmer's. I've heard of something called "mod podge" or whatever but honestly that just sounds intimidating. Elmer's it is. Oh and a paintbrush and a few paper bowls.

Upon my mother's advice I threw a bit of glue and a bit of water in a bowl. Mother's know best after all. I can't tell you ratios because well math has never been my strong suit. Just mix it up till it feels right man. Then paint it all over the fruit. Don't worry if you miss spots. I'm tell you this is one tough project.

Then I just doused that glue covered fruit in glitter. Over a bowl to catch all the excess because believe me, there will be a ton. And you can save it!

If you see no glitter sticking on an area just schlep some more glue/water on the bare spots and reapply the glitter. I'm sure Matt will just be thrilled when he discovers I used a cooling rack for these lovely glitter bombs. 

How's that song go? Oh yes... It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....



  1. Ok. I will totally be copying this idea! I LOVE PB but most of the time it's not in my budget. I did cave and by a few new things before we moved in you ever notice that a lot of times everything from PB barn can totally be DIY'd?! I have the perfect filler bowl for these beauties;)

  2. I love it. And, I love your nails! I notice there were no children in these photos. Im sure that would have been a fun experiment.

  3. Hi, I'm Brooke- a new reader! I love your glitter pears, they would be a cute center piece. Girl, don't let mod podge me intimidating, it's the best stuff, but you can find a recipe to make your own on pinterest. Love HobLob :)

  4. These look amazing! I am so going to do this. New follower =)

  5. so much glitter. which you know i love. can i just hire you to come here and do these crafty things? i loathe the hobby lobby. gives me nightmares. haha. sincerely, the yin to your yang

  6. love the glitter! and looks easy. my kind of craft :)

  7. I love this!!!! And if I get super brave I might let my kids help out with this one :)

  8. These are awesome! I am all about the easier, the better and totally think I could handle this project...thanks for sharing girl!

  9. So cool! I really need to make these. So glittery and shiny and pearfectly(haha) awesome!


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