On The Chalkboard: November has hit and so with that comes the first Thanksgiving inspired chalkboard wall. I even have them all planned out through the rest of the year. Admittance is the first step to recovery.

Reading: Allegiant entered stores October 22. I would love to say I have my hands on this already but I do not. Soon enough it shall be mine. Read: when Amazon finally sends it my way. I love a good Teen series. Don't let these short sentences fool you. I'm pretty stoked about it. And the movie that comes out this March.

Watching with Matt: It is actually entertaining. This Shark Tank. No there are no actual sharks involved for those of you not familiar with it. Matt gets very fired up about certain businesses or people and so that's quite fun to watch as well. And some of these people with their ideas! A belt buckle that doubles as a beer holder???? I think that's just genius.

Eating: Pretzels. Dipped in honey mustard. For every snack morning, noon and night. What can I say. I find something I love and I just run with it.

Drinking: I cannot be trusted in the grocery store. I just can't. If you ask me to get one single item I guarantee you I'll get an additional four things. I was wandering down the aisle and this grapefruit juice caught my eye and I just had to have it. Moral of the story? Don't let me go grocery shopping.

Planning: On finishing up my Christmas shopping shortly and probably start prepping my house for The Christmas Takeover. It gets real festive over here and there's just nothing that Matt can do about it. He's just lucky the music hasn't started playing yet. Or has it.....

Thinking About: Lord only knows. Too many things. Can we get a way to slow down time a bit? That'd be nice.

Watching on the Treadmill: I know I'm a bit late to jump on this Once Upon a Time bandwagon. But that's only because I had no one to watch it with. I've been told to watch it from more people than I can count and so yes. I'm almost finished with season one. Again. And I dig it father. I also dig finding all the little Lost similarities. Apollo bars. Whiskey. Actors.

As I Type This: Why it's fireman dress-up time of course. At least she didn't choose a skirt for him this time.

Have a great weekend everyone!