chalkboard wall tutorial

I can actually say this without being sarcastic (a rare feat I know). I have had a few people ask me about our chalkboard wall. So due to that high demand I figure I'll throw a tutorial up here on the blog.

We had a perfect space right between our pantry and our basement steps. Maybe four feet wide. Not too large of a commitment. It was made for a chalkboard wall I'll tell you. After admiring Little Baby Garvin and all her wonderful chalkboard prints (and yes I have unsuccessfully attempted to recreate some of her wonderful handwriting and quotes. Hashtag fail.) I decided I should just do it. Also the bottom half of the wall is perfect for little hands to decorate with their own chalk creations. So win win. 

The paint we ordered from Amazon. Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint in Black. After cleaning the wall and letting it dry it was painting time. And a lot of painting time. We just used a regular brush to edge and then a three inch roller for the rest. We are far too impatient to let it dry according to the can's standards. We just waited until it was dry to the touch and then started again with another coat. After three coats it was sufficiently chalkboard wall-ish. 

Then after it's dry you are to prime it. Ugh. Turn a piece of chalk on it's side and rub the entire wall down. They say this helps when you end up erasing whatever it is you've written. I call bluff. I think it's just some sort of agreement made with someone at the chalk company and someone at the paint company. Several pieces of chalk and a lot of dust later it was primed. Then I could draw. Or write. 

//see the priming really doesn't work right. you can still see the first writing\\

I've only washed it once and that was with just regular soap and water. You have to prime it again though and you know how I feel about priming. 

Get the dustless chalk. It's necessary. Chalk makes a lot of dust and even though they are lying when they say it's dustless it's better than the regular stuff. I would recommend stocking up online because it's cheaper and easier to find than at say Target.

Here are some of my favorite walls I've done since this little beauty entered our lives.