argh. pirate tree matey.

Well I would be a bad mother if I didn't allow David to have a fun tree like his sister wouldn't I? Well like most second-born children, he doesn't get a brand new tree. Instead he gets to have my childhood tree. Which if we are being totally honest here is actually much nicer than a bright shiny new one because this one has history and sentiments and mushy stuff like that. So. Last year his tree was just a mixture of whatever childhood ornaments I had left that weren't taken up by his sister's new tree. This year though? This year his Nonna would have none of that and so she redid it. All of it. Enter: The Pirate Tree. 

David's birthday party was inspired by his pirate room and his room was inspired by his father's love of pirates. My mother had a pirate vision and she pretty much nailed it. Sea creatures and ships and a parrot for the "star" at the top. A rope for a garland? She's one creative Nonna. He's a lucky little boy.

Thanks Mr. Narwhal!!

You know the best part? Other than the fact my favorite color is all over his tree? It's that face of his when he walks into his room and sees the tree all lit up.... his mouth falls open and he points and looks from the tree to me... back and forth. Hey mom! Did you SEE that?! It's MINE and it's BRIGHT and I want to touch all the lights!! I gather all that from his constant stream of "ma. ma. ma." because I am his ma. We are of one mind.

If you're wondering if it gets old yet the answer is no. He still shows just as much enthusiasm now as he did upon the first unveiling.