a kiwi petrophysicist taking over

You read that right. Sarah (the petrophysicist) has become my first official blogging friend. We "met" through a link-up in September and I am constantly surprised by how kind she is. And how funny. We share a sense of humor and sarcasm... and a little white wine love. She's incredibly smart, witty and thoughtful. Over a glass of wine or two we "virtually" passed around the idea of doing a guest post on each other's blogs. I came up with some questions, she came up with some answers. I only asked her things that I myself wondered about her. And how I've loved learning more about Madam Badger. 

Geologist by day... Blogger by night.  Two (in my mind) pretty different ways to spend your time. So how did you arrive at blogging?
Some body once said to me "you should write a blog". I didn't know anyone who blogged, I didn't know of any blogs, but I thought.. Hmmm. I could do I guess. So I began this blog early last year... It took Rob and I a month of umming and aahhhing about a blog title. I wrote one post, put photos up in another and then didn't touch it again until May this year. The revival of the blog was really a result of wanting to share our experiences here with everyone back home. And I also had this longing to share my dresses with the wider world. So, here I am.

I found that after a few months of working all day, and then studying every night. I got a little crazy. Like, bat shit crazy. Since I have started blogging in the evening, I have really chilled out a lot. It is nice to give the other side of my brain a work out. My Mum says that you need balance. She's a clever lady.

Me. Out standing in my field. Get it? Hilarious.
You've lived in the states for (how long HAVE you been here?). What interesting (read: strange to you) things do us Americans do?
We have been here nine months now, I wrote this post about some differences with "stuff".. but hmmm.. What do y'all do?  Lol one thing would be that no one knows where my accent is from. Here are some of the locations people have guessed: Scotland, England, Norway, Australia, South Africa. I get Australia and England but the Norway one did throw me haha.

I must say, that mostly, people here are super friendly. I don't know if this is a Texan thing, or just an American thing, but we have been very warmly welcomed! It is a nice feeling!

Okay, actually here is something weird. Y'all decorate with pumpkins. That is super bizarre to me, cool, but really weird haha.

Please explain the badger thing. Please also know that every time you say honey badger I think of this video.
Lol that video cracks me up. The badger thing is weird, even I can appreciate that. It started, as many things do, during a Will Ferrell movie. In "Ricky Bobby" there are like, 3 amusing badger references. They completely slayed us, because of the randomness of it all. At the same time I was falling in love with the "meow" out of "Super Troopers" (which I know you love Laurie!). For some reason the two instances kind of combined at I just kind of ran with the badger thing. Pretty soon we were meowing at each other and calling each other badgie. It must be said, that our friends and family were all very supportive of the badger thing, our gifts and cards starting involving badgers, and my Dad even calls Rob, Robbie Badger (Rob is going to be very happy I am telling the world that).

How many dresses do you actually own? How do you even organize them!? I kind of get anxiety just thinking about it.
So I own at least 107.  But it could be up to 115. I love them to bits. I used to hand wash each one with Vera Wang body wash. But now its like, "ain't nobody got time for that". And Rob bought me some delicates bags. Bless him. As for organization, they are color coordinated in a giant rainbow. And I love them. Sometimes I go into my wardrobe and just rearrange them or make sure they are hung the right way. It's weird I guess, but it's my hobby.

What's up next for Rob and Sarah and their quest for American Domination? Or exploration?
Well we have a "US" bucket list which is formed from a combination of things we have seen in Police Academy movies and episodes of the Simpsons and Seinfeld. Oh, and also from The Baby Sitters Club books (that was me reading them not Rob, in case you were wondering).. We are marching through it! Plans for next year include a road trip up the West Coast, another trip to NY, a potential snow trip and... MARDI GRAS!

What do you miss most about your NZ? Other than your family of course.
Hmmm. I miss outside. And the people. Definitely our friends. Grass. Fresh air. Early evening. Early morning. The markets on a Saturday in Pukekohe. Late night trips to the Warehouse. Our friends. Roast Lamb. Speights. Pub quizzes. Field work. Ohope. Sheep. Our dogs. Watching White Island puff away from Bluett Road. Kiwi humor. Bubbles with Rob's family on the verandah. The Kiwi accent.

I miss this view.
What is your favorite thing about being a petrophysicist?
I like that basically, I am solving a giant puzzle. I have to use geological, mathematical, physical, and chemical properties of rocks, to work out what there is down a well. It's challenging, but rewarding.
I also love wearing colorful dresses to work. I like to challenge the idea that scientists are boring.

Stranded island question. What three things would you bring with you, assuming all your physical needs would be accounted for?
So survival things aside...
Rob, of course.
I would need music. The sound of my own voice would drive me crazy after awhile. So maybe a guitar so Rob could play me songs.
And some Barry Crump books (my favorite Kiwi author).

I gotta have this dude with me.
I know you're a big fan of Billy Connolly... What is your favorite skit of his?
I really love all his work. He just kills me. My favorite is "The Christmas Dinner". Also, he has a series where he travels around New Zealand exploring small towns - that is pretty cool too. My Dad does a fantastic Billy voice, he says it to my scottish Pop, who finds it absolutely hilarious- which is just really special to me.

Thank so much for taking a read through my answers, and thanks Laurie for such an interesting set of questions.. You really made me think!

If y'all would like to read more about kiwi adventures in Texas, or to check out my growing dress collection, here is where you can find me..

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Sarah xox

Thanks for answering all my questions! I've definitely enjoyed reading more about you badgie! I also like to rearrange my closet and it too is set up by color. And then sleeve length. I'm not sure I understood half of what you miss about home... thankfully you didn't have to hear my attempts at pronunciation.

You should pop on over and check out Oh, The Things That I Think. My super smart Kiwi friend. Plus you'll see me over there as well today. Hostile take over style.