when adults carve pumpkins

I'm not quite sure that my family ever really stopped carving pumpkins. And I have been recording it since digital photo documentation became a thing. And last night... well last night was 2013's night.

But before I get started on all that... we walked into my parent's house last night and walked straight into 1993. That's right. My dad was cooking not one, but like four of his famous stir-fry dishes. The stuff of our childhood. It is a large feat and probably worthy of it's own post. But I just needed to mention it. He cooked. For us all. It was yummy. Some of us had thirds. Side eye Colton.

Back to the reason for the post. Not all of us are as creative as my brother. I, like most talentless people, require a template. I found a cute owl one this year here. I like owls. In theory.

And so tonight, when all those kids come wandering past our house, they will have the opportunity to check out our pumpkins just like in year's past. They are that good. They have a following. Okay just Rob's. BUT Rob and Ashley decided that they were going to abstain this year. I know. The level of amazing pumpkin-ness just dropped a whole lot of levels. But bonus? They were able to help us. By playing with the kids. And taking some photos. Because pumpkin carving is a dirty job.

//bicep shot\\

//this girl is actually sawing\\

My sister went all Martha on us and brought out a drill. That sentence actually doesn't sound very much like Ms. Stewart but I believe it's where Beth got the idea. Colton had to give her a quick drill tutorial and away she went.

//mickey had a bit of an encounter with a three year old.\\

The finished works of art! Not too bad, considering. Colton's is up for interpretation, but isn't all art?

//the kid's pumpkins. which of course david did not carve.\\

Anyways. Happy Halloween!