what's in my (diaper) bag, baby.

Have you seen this thing happening out there? Women showing what's in their purse? I've heard buzz about it for awhile and then I read Whitney's post and chuckled quite a few times so I thought why not? Except I don't use a purse. My diaper bag is my purse. On the rare chance I go out sans kids I just bring my wallet/wristlet thing. So there's that ridiculous explanation. My contents:

It's a tad obscene is it not? I sent this photo to Kerri and her response was simply: Jesus. I'd say so. This is the Command Center for myself and the two ones I tote everywhere with me. It's quite necessary. Every last single item. Okay not really. As you'll see.

So we all need two anti-bacterial dispensers yes? In fact the blue one is empty. This makes a lot of sense. You've got your wipes. Your diapers. Your extra set of clothing for both children because you just never know. That little pink girlie thing in the bottom left is for mama just in case it's that time as you might imagine happens every 28 days or so. 

Each child needs their own water bottle although they tend to use them interchangeably. I have the aforementioned wallet and that black hole next to it would be my eyeglass case. Little known fact: I am to wear glasses always. That red Cars thing would be a fold-able toilet seat. I know. The mind reels that such a thing even exists. It. Is. GENIUS. Not that I would know because we've never used it. Seven dollars well spent. Then there is a bib for David as well as child sized utensils. None of which he uses.

We have here in this half of the stash two snack cups, one for each child. A cute pack of tissues (thanks Ker) and an opened and therefore no longer moist pack of anti-bacterial wipes. Chapstick. I'm surprised there is only one. Desitin for bottoms, David's, not mine. Lactaid (wah!). My little green box of pills which really just holds expired Extra Strength Tylenol and probably some Tums. Directly above that is a thermometer because you just never know when their fevers are going to show up. There are three different ways to administer fever relief to the children and yet no fever relief is in the bag. Add that to the store list. 

Both kid's jammies are in the bag because we will be going to my parent's house tonight and they get their tubbies over there. Sunblock, self explanatory. Top right corner would have a changing pad that I have also never used but came with the bag so I figure I might as well. Then there are three packs of Table Toppers (wonderful things). A pack of Potty Toppers. Yes those are chocolate Cheerios. And coins. They were just loose in the bag and I'm being honest here - it ain't pretty in there. Finally there's a party pack thing you can grab for a buck at Target and it comes with a coloring book, stickers and crayons. Again: genius.

Lest you think I am fibbing here is the bag all packed up again. It does fit and I do go out with it like this every single day.

Then I had a thought. This has to weigh like a lot. So I carried it upstairs and weighed it for you all. Because it's just that interesting (it was really more of a discovery thing for me and I'm an inquisitive person).

So take that nine pounds and add it onto the approximate David weight of 28 pounds... carry the two.... and I think we've just figured out why I have back issues.