the time we made wine-induced apple dumplings

This post is brought to you by my sister-in-law and I. Her name is Holly. I may have mentioned her a time or two on this here space of mine. This post is the first of it's kind. If you like it we may even repeat it. Yesterday in the habit of traditions we made apple dumplings. Last year we had the help of our more "kitchened" sister-in-law. However she is in Oregon so it was all on us. We started with this recipe here. I'm not saying we stuck to it per se. But we started there. Bottom line they ended up being yummy. Holly's voice will be presented with italics.

Laurie's middle name is 'tradition'.

As always I am the soux chef. The shit jobs just come straight to me. This year just like last I was the apple peeler and corer. Which might I add I suck at. I have zero retention and just like last year I decided to just use that handy little tool that cuts AND cores apples? Yeah that. Not what you need to do. Just core. Don't slice.

You deserve a pat on the back, Laur. You peeled and cored the heck out of those apples. 

She can handle this, Matt. Just relax. And get out of the kitchen. Just this once. Normally we like when you are in the kitchen because that means good food for all. Oh, and thanks for entertaining the kids while we "baked".

Holly was in charge of rolling out the pre-made and purchased pie crust. From your friendly neighborhood grocery store. Aren't her rings pretty? Oh and our rolling pin is missing. Any takers? Letty? No? 

To future brides registering for their wedding: there is no need to ask for a rolling pin. A glass cup works just as well.

This is where the wine entered the equation because manual labor is not a friend of mine.

I suggested starting with liquor. It's the thought that counts.

I don't even know what's happening here. Some sauce. Holly can handle this part for me. She also stuffed and wrapped some apples with...stuff.

Layman's term: mix sugar, butter, vanilla and water. boil until sugar dissolves. 
*note to ourselves for 2014: use a bigger sauce pan.

I was in charge of stirring the boiling liquid. I'm telling you. I am great with K-P Duty.

Then we baked. For 50 minutes. We blackened a few but I was going for a Cajun feel. I'm all about the Cajun Apple Dumplings.

Old fashioned, Laurie. Old fashioned is what were going for. Remember?

No we didn't have ice cream. No we didn't have whip cream. But they were still darn good. 

At least that's what she said.

Who knew I could pull off a legit duck face? 

The end. Thank you for joining us on this first of hopefully many co-authoring posts.

Feel free to pin this recipe to your Pinterest board. You have our full permission. You know you want to.

& holly ;)