the ghost of fall's past

Every year around this time there is clearly a list of things that need to be done. And I say need because I am a traditions type of person with an OCD affliction. So as I often do I come down to the basement and I turn on our computer and I wait for it to boot up and I look through photos of past years. Here are my favorite Fall memories. Since the invention of the affordable digital camera that is. Which in my case starts in the Fall of 2006. As you can imagine this post has a lot o'photos.

Matt and I hit up Gettysburg. We've taken a few years off here and there but it's making a come back. As you can see we are babies. We took a ghost tour and drove around the parks endlessly. And then a few weeks later we got married.

We were Gilligan's Island. This was the first year in our new home, 2007. Growing up we never did much real trick-or-treating as we lived in the country. This year marked the birth of the Annual Trovato's Watch Kids Trick-or-Treat Night. This is the only year we dressed up, thank God. We made a mean Professor, Mary Ann, Gilligan, Skipper and Ginger. My parents were also a part of this but they didn't take it to quite the level we did. Millionaire and His Wife. Slacking.

The start of apple picking. Matt, Beth and I started this tradition in the year of our Lord, 2008. We went to a local orchard in the rain and I took a Twilight worthy photo.

Steph and I staked out Dr. Carlisle Cullen. Otherwise known as Peter. At this time only the first movie had come out and the second was due out in the theaters any day. We were kids Steph and I. The excitement was at a fever pitch.

The Trovato Family did our first benefit walk/run. Light the Night in Harrisburg. Raised some money for blood cancers. Walked around City Island. And had these fun blinking balloons.

Visited our New Yorkers and hit up a Giants game. Six of us piled into an Impala and drove the four hours out to the Island for good food, good wine, and even better company. While there we cracked up watching Rob wrap himself up in a handkerchief size blanket, Matt photo bomb, and worked on our cin cin! One night at dinner we were offered up tickets to sit in the box at the game. I'm not one for football. Or sports. Or the Giants... but when you are offered these you accept. My other brother and father met us there and we all donned our blue, white and red. If you must watch football I say the best way is in a box.

The first of Rob and Ashley's Halloween parties. We weren't originally going to go because we are old. But then we decided that one of the musketeers and a sumo wrestler would surprise the king and queen from 300. WE. ARE. SPARTA!

Cherry Crest Adventure Farms. The next day four slightly hungover individuals visited this little beauty for the first time. There was a corn maize. And flags in inappropriate positions.

We are carving pumpkins again! And so begins the documenting of the carving of the pumpkins. Since we became (mostly) grown ups. I chose a vampire theme design. Because naturally.

Apple Harvest Festival. This was our second year heading out there courtesy of my bff... and it doesn't really disappoint. I dragged my sister and mother along this year and it was hot and there was food. And I may have scarred my sister for life and pumped in the car because guess what?! Letteria was born!

We pick pumpkins for the first year! Back to our usual, Cherry Hill Orchards, except this year it was the first time and the Fitzs joined the ranks! Letty stayed home because I'm wasn't quite sure how that worked yet.

Kitchen Kettle Village. I think I love this day because I was just getting used to my stay-at-home status and I wanted to fill the days with adventures. I dragged Letty and Matt down here for utterly no reason what so ever.

Second annual Halloween Party. We were the four seasons. As in: summer, spring, winter and fall. It was cheap and easy and we could go in on it together. And of course the hosts with the mosts were Batman and Catwoman. 

More pumpkins! I dunno. Matt cocks his head. Maybe that's where David got it?

Letteria as a strawberry! Yes she was alive. And three months old. And just precious.

Cherry Crest Adventure Farms with Letteria. She was a year older and had hair and her sea legs about her. You have to start these young ones early or they will never fully appreciate this traditions stuff. It was expensive and she was too young. And there were bees. No more.

Pumpkins?! Again?!  This was her first trip. Anything is better if her bff is involved so it was a success. Or that's how I remember it in my head.

Snotober! That's right. This October it hit 85 degrees and two years ago it snowed. Like a lot. It was awesome. Getting to wear a snow suit before you even trick-or-treat. 

Letty's first pumpkin. She didn't carve it per se. Her Nonna did. But there you have it.

Hershey Park in the Dark.  As a gift for running a half marathon I got two free tickets! I think DW is much more our speed but of course the neighbors came and my family was there and that I just love. Oh and a funnel cake. I had a funnel cake.

Letty's first real Trick-or-Treating. She did just eh. Daddy ate her candy. And at the time of this picture there was a teeny tiny David growing in my belly.

In 2010 - Let there be TWO! She was thrilled with her Halloween jams. And yes David had torticollis

First of two pumpkin picking adventures with the Fitzs. This time I figured out that yes you can in fact bring a new-ish baby out on these sort of things. So I did.

Daddy turned 30! My parents were kind enough to throw him a party and it was awesome. It always is when you get all your friends and some of your family together. Plus he deserves it he's a pretty great guy.

Back to Gettysburg. I think the kids enjoyed themselves. We brought Holly along this time and it was a fun little day trip. We toured the battlefields, had lunch at a brewing company, hit up a vineyard where they had chalkboard FLOORS and hit the road. Did I mention there is a castle there? 

Pumpkin picking adventure number two of the season. And may I introduce the pig tails. 

Apple dumpling making. My sister-in-law that you see on the left there has never made an appearance on this here blog. That's just because she lives on the other side of the country. She popped home quickly last fall and swung on by to show us amateurs how to make real apple dumplings. Yum.

Pumpkin carving 2012.  With a themed onesie and all.

Third or fourth, I've lost track, annual Halloween party. This year some Olsens paid a visit. Oh and Buddy Christ. Hanging out with Ceasar. Kiss showed up and did some rad karaoke.

Trick-or-Treating! We have Smee and Tinkerbell. Don't worry David didn't actually go out with his belly hanging out. He stayed nice and snug inside.

Disney World! I just love Disney. Matt loves Disney. Letty LOVES Disney. We have been lucky enough to take her there twice already (thank you mom and dad) and we just have the best of the times. This year was extra special because Beth learned that she officially passed all of her CPA exams. Yay! Drinks all around the World Showcase! Oh! And Ashley took David dancing.

And that's a wrap. My favorite memories of the past few years. As you can see.... I've been really tormenting those I love with a camera long before I started this blog.