the first post about happy hauntings

This photo has nothing to do with the price of tea in China but I like it. This past weekend marked the official start of Happy Hauntings. It's when DW has magically been transformed into a fall wonderland. Or something close. The kids wear costumes. They get candy (even the parents!). The shows have changed to reflect the season etc. Hey! We went with the neighbors. Surprise surprise. 

Letteria chose to be Sleeping Beauty. Avery was Cinderella. The boys wore orange. Get the theme here?

Oh hey. It's the trick-or-treat trail!

The newest show involved some quack named Molly. Matt would have preferred another 800 renditions of Really Royal over this show. BUT the girls loved it and they danced and twirled in their princess dresses. 

//one out of four. not bad.\\

//steph can keep a straight face when i cannot\\

//and yay!\\

//Steph chaperoning the kids on their first date\\

//Princess Brooke went to the dark side\\

This family photo was a success if you ask me.