the farm show ala manheim

When I was in high school there really was only one thing that I looked forward to gain from the Farm Show. That would be their milkshakes. Now the appeal of the milkshake has faded and the excitement about farm animals has replaced it. That's right. That's what I said. Kids love animals and I love things they love. There you have it. So we dragged almost all of my family as well as our neighbor loves to this most special of destinations. A destination that was just jam-packed with people of all types and all ages. By the way, Letty will be home schooled. 

We saw a lot of things we wish to forget this fateful Wednesday night. We saw pigs relieve themselves. We saw a lady wipe a cow's ass with a piece of paper towel. We saw piglets suckling their mama's teet. All quite shocking for me. The girl who refuses to admit that her alma mater has a reputation of hickness. One would think the annual Farm Show and the corresponding parade and general town turnout would have given me a clue.

Changing the subject and all that - what is it with boys and wheels? I was shocked at what an early age David showed interest in such things. Pushing the stroller back and forth before he could walk. Digitally inspecting every wheel he could find. So you can imagine what happened when he saw wheels that were larger than himself. There was lots of staring and finger pointing and ma ma ma happening. He is going to turn into his father in yet another way I know it. Mid-conversation he will black out, piss his pants and forget who he is all because WOW DID YOU SEE THAT?! All that for, I don't know, a Porsche or something. Or in this case with this particular male, a John Deere. So we wandered around the tractors and the alpacas and stood safely far away from the carny rides. Oh and Matt waited in line for 15 minutes for one (count it, one) milkshake. 

And then there is the only thing that really matters to children at these sorts of things, besides the fries and the rides, the animals. Bunnies and chicks, cows and pigs, goats and sheep, etc. All within an arms length. And the smell. Oh the smell. It's just a very spectacular kind of brew. I've lived here almost two decades and no, you will not get used to it. This section of the farm show was just chock-full of all kinds of fun activities for the children. Cut-out face sign things. Corn kernels and trucks. The girls petted some animals and the parents hovered anxiously with nothing but a wish and a prayer that their child wouldn't be the child to murder one of those poor unsuspecting chicks/bunnies/piglets. Don't worry. No animals were harmed during the course of this blog post.

//it was a difficult decision, but i decided my boots were made for nights such as these.\\

And why yes! I did in fact touch a live piglet. That's SOME PIG!

The night was T double-E double-R double-R double-I double-F double-I double-C, C, C. At least that's what Wilbur up there says. And the kids. The parents meanwhile went home and had a tall glass of something strong.