the day where we were supposed to go to gettysburg

It started last Columbus Day. My sister-in-law and I dragged the kids and the Matt to drive around some battlefields in Gettysburg and breathe in some fresh Fall air. But hey! Did you hear the government is shut down? That would include National Military Parks. So. Moving on.

I heard about Valley View Farms from my Stephanie, just a short drive down 83 to Maryland. It fit the bill. Free. Fall. Family. So we tried it. It was no Gettysburg. But we hit it up just the same hoping for the best. It's an enormous nursery but also much more. I had to leave the store because holy Christmas Batman. You put me around Christmas trees too much and I'm going to have mine up, lit and decorated before you can say Halloween. The kids climbed through the straw maize a few dozen times and we saw an enormous 1,500 lb pumpkin that quite frankly, freaked me out. And we ate at McDonald's and we went to Target. To some people that day might be defined as a pretty darn good day. 

p.s. I love my camera.