someday i will.

Have you ever checked out The Daily Tay? She's pretty funny. That was very succinct wasn't it. She write good too. Ha. I think this may be one of my favorite posts of hers. Or this. Well. Taylor decided to host her very first link-up. I can't let a first-timer pass me by! I must support.

Someday I will. That's the start. 

The Daily Tay

Someday I will see cancer be cured. I've just got to believe that. Someday. 

Someday I will find just one great bottle of red wine that is so good I will be unable to stand any other. Check that. That will never happen. But I'm searching just the same.

Someday I will see the things on my travels to come list. All the things. 

Someday I will sleep through the night without checking on my kids twice. Or peeing six times.

Someday I will just bite the bullet and fly my kids to Italy. What doesn't sound fun about two toddlers inside a metal tube cramped into their seats for hours and hours? Maybe someday it will be acceptable to give your kids an Ambien. 

Someday I will go back to wearing underwire bras. They are just so damn uncomfortable. And I sweat. Details. Someday they will be back. I promise Matt. 

Someday I will be sad to see those kids leave me. I'll be left all by me onesie with Matt. We will be bored. 

Someday I will floss more than twice a year (gross I know!). Someday I'll make my dentist happy. 

Someday I will run a marathon. 

Someday I will move. 

Someday I will miss hearing Letty say 'mommy' 637,865,732 times a day. 

Someday I will shop for groceries and only get items on said list. 

Someday I will have more than thirteen followers on this here blog. And maybe someday I won't watch Google Analytics so closely. 

Someday I will learn Italian. Other than a few choice curse words I learned from older Italian relatives I really have got nothing. 

Someday I will not care that my kid's books aren't organized by spine color. Because I kinda care a lot about it now. 

Someday Letty won't require my assistance to use the bathroom. A dozen times a day. 

Someday Matt and I will be old and healthy. With lots of grand kids. And maybe a vineyard. 

That was kinda fun. Thanks Tay!



  1. so i used to never floss but now i keep floss in my shower and i floss when i have the conditioner in my hair. it's weird but it works for me! haha. and if i could own a vineyard that would really be living the dream!

  2. Hahaha I love the floss one. I'm totally with you there! But I like Helen's advice on that! Also, let me know if you ever find that perfect wine. ;)

  3. Okay so that was funny and super cute and sweet at the same time! xx

  4. love this!!! I agree with just about everything...except the marathon. I'm just going to save myself some anguish and just admit that I never will run one. lol! I'm intrigued and think I might join this link up sometime!


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