pumpkins and apples and lovelies.

Over the weekend one of the Fall staples, the pumpkin picking and the apple picking happened. Now the last time we went to see about an apple the weather was quite Fall-like and it was most appreciated. But this weekend? Oh no. It was playing games that weather. It decided that 85 degrees was just about right for a Fall activity such as this. So I need to mention that we were all sweltering. And sitting on hay. Sweltering in the hay. A new form of torture.


For the past three years we have gone to the same place, Cherry Hill Orchards. We pay the nominal fee. We ride the hayride to look at pumpkins. Sometimes we buy one. Then we check out the apple situation. This is the first time we wore shorts and flip flops. And no I'm not going to get over it. Through the years a player or two has come or gone but there are always a few staples. The neighbors and their flock. My sisters and those that they love. My mama. Etc. This year sadly my brother was unable to come. Oh to be a hero firefighter and have to miss a commitment or two. I think we'll forgive you. The twelve of us held down the fort wagon while you were working.

The wagon rides start at 10 a.m. and the tickets have to be purchased ($3) in the store. This gives a nice opportunity for everyone to check out the goods and maybe buy some and maybe break others.

Behind the store they have a lovely kiddie hay maize. The fun abounds.

Everyone piled on the wagon and off we went for a nice tour of the grounds and some sweat and some bumps. And maybe a few tears. Okay it was me. I can't stand the heat and the straw and the itching and the skin. I have a thing.

//oh yes i'll bring attention to it. my mom is looking good. period.\\

//it's the bear hug pose\\

//this tall drink of water had the pleasure of TWO lap mates.\\

So you get down, you look around and you chose your pumpkin or maybe you don't but at least you get off the straw. Or hay. Or whatever someone just please tell me the difference. Hay is for horses?

//family photos are just exhausting work D\\

//this is the best. ah well.\\

Before loading the children back up to drive down the road to the orchard portion of this adventure we gave them sugar. And tried to get photos. And only one kid was strangled. But they are just so cute. And there was color coordinating because Steph and I are of one mind. One big gigantic mind.

The orchard is literally just down the road. Have I mentioned it was hot? You have to get a minimum of $10 otherwise known as 10 pounds. None of us except Ashley succeeded. But it was just for the thrill of it. The tradition of it. We are some traditional Trovato's. Olsen's. Fitz's. What have you.

And there you have it. The end of another grand Olsen Adventure! Just so you are aware I hydrated properly with a Panera Bread run and I had three (yes three) fountain sodas. I have an addiction sir!