my daily goal

The most important question I ask myself every morning... The thing I strive to achieve each and every single day... The thing that keeps me going. The reason for the season. What is this thing you may wonder?

How do I wear these children out?

Let's be honest. Everything else is just fluff. This is what matters most.

When a toddler has the energy of the Tasmanian Devil it is wise to adopt this attitude. Lest you be faced with a rather wretched time known as post-dinner/pre-bedtime. Some call it The Witching Hour. I would tend to agree with them there. Witching/Warlocking Hour. Or Hours depending on bedtimes and all that.

Of course there are the old stand-bys. Going for a 45 minute and 2.5 mile walk around the neighborhood. Play sets. Sprint trials. Hide and Seek. But as the weather is getting colder (apparently just not the in the Northeast) one must be creative with these endeavors. Personally I prefer to not have to spend a dime on an activity because I am living on one income here people and if I am going to spend a dime it will be on a fountain soda because they are the bee's knees.

Here are some things I've found that fit the bill. They don't all include psychical activity but there is something to be said for mental exhaustion as well. Any locals have any other suggestions I would most appreciate them. There are many hours in the day. Of course these are okay for all ages because last time I checked I can't leave David home alone. Yet.

Music & Motions: This hour-long gem every Wednesday morning gives it all but a snack. Structure. Physical play time. Songs. Dancing. Even a bit of religion thrown in there which I dig. Coffee and tea for the moms. No registration required just show up. Fill out a one-time only safety form (a rather intense one at that) and off you go!

Toddler Gym: There are two different hours you can choose from every Wednesday morning. Physical play time and even maybe a mini trampoline. Singing of the songs and then of course a snack. Also a bit of religion in the form of a quick thank you for the snack prayer. No refreshments for the mothers. Schade. Just show up to whatever hour you want. First timers get a free New Testament.

Our Library Fun: I call it that. They call it something else. Those librarians. Each Thursday (or Wednesday) morning for one whole hour there's a different theme happening. Singing or swaying or signing or what have you. Always story time. Always a song or two. Always a craft followed by a sticker. Call and sign up for just one day or the whole month. Whatever suits your fancy. 
//letteria the participant! it had to be documented.\\

Sing, Sign & Story Time: Now I haven't tried this out yet but I am definitely willing to give it a try as my Friday mornings are currently WIDE open. It's at another local library. Says I can bring both kids. Hell maybe my children will be avid signers by the time they get to school. Worth a shot. Miah? Yes?

And I'm off. It's time to start counting jumping jacks or something.