just another manic fitz day

Sunday we did guess what? I won't even say it. If you've been around here for any time at all you know we are hooked on this place. And season pass holders we most certainly are. This day marked the "official" last day of the season. Although next weekend starts Happy Hauntings and then of course there is the Winter Wonderland. Naturally we went with our communal living partners as well. Day of days this Sunday. 

Back we go. You can change the channel J.W. I know how you feel about this. Wink wink. 

The following truck pictures are just really indicative of my relationship with Steph. Our kids are having fun and playing and the two of us just won't. Stop. Talking. Take the following:

//this here is my favorite. yes she is also italian.\\

We got yet another world's greatest pretzel and went on rides as one does at an amusement park. All that until David had enough.  

The Fitz fun didn't end there. Thank you Mister Columbus! Because of you we were able to continue the fun into the evening with a lil dinner and lil wine. My headache on Monday thanked you too. 

My favorite kinds of days. These all day Fitz days.