happy hauntings. or an excuse for cute kids on rides photos.

Sunday, after an emergency room near miss, we relented to Letty's constant "can we go dutch wee?" daily question and took her and Matt's slightly shorter finger to Dutch Wonderland (that's her dutch wee). And Matt was fresh out of candy. The poor man needs candy. 

It wasn't just any old DW trip. Oh no. Letty decided that yes she did want to go on those tilt-a-whirl turtle things that she has been running from all summer. I'm just green with happiness over that one. Then she shocked us further when she announced mid-Sky Ride flight that she wanted to go on the roller coaster. With Daddy please. Say wha? So that is just what she did. Five times. The pictures don't do it justice. But let's just say there was lots of squealing and arms in the air and legs just kicking all over the place with excitement. She is now a coaster addict. An addict that has difficulty understanding that everyone has limits. The big "adult" sized coaster is just too big for her little body this year. So I did the only natural thing and told her that if she eats all her vegetables she may be tall enough next summer.

I'd like to tell you that these DW posts are done for the year. But I would be lying.