friday favorites

Fridays in the blogging world are pretty slim pickings if you ask me. I would love to have some interesting adventure to share with you but unfortunately there's been nothing but a bunch of couch lounging and nose wiping going on around here. But here I am just the same with some things I've read or seen this week that have just brightened my otherwise cloudy days. 

Besides these two:

Boston in the Fall. Bridget always takes lovely photos but right now she's killing it with the fall and the New England ones. Makes you just want to head on north doesn't it?

Finding out you're pregnant in any language is the bee's knees. Liz and her husband's story of discovery is just wonderfully cute. And that teeny tiny bump she's got happening? Congrats to them. 

As always, Stefanie is such a phenomenal story teller. She can suck you right in immediately and hold your attention. Throughout. This story of a stranger is just one example of many. I kind of feel like I've been on a few of her adventures with her. 

This video sent by Kerri to give me the laughs. Who doesn't love The Walking Dead and a man afraid? It's funny. Trust me. STOP IT!

Finding new blogs to read! Lately I "found" Nishaantishu, The Wonder Forest and The Modern Tulip. Which was perfect timing for all the laziness happening in front of our fireplace lately. 

And last but not least Sarah. Because she's thoughtful and sweet. I've never met you in real life but I know we would enjoy a great glass of white wine together. And congrats on getting your license! ;)

On that note cheers to the freakin weekend! Yeah. I just got that song stuck in your head. Apologies.