disney store trick-or-treating otherwise known as entrapment

We have an addiction. I hear it's a rather common affliction. I would like to make this third sentence rhyme but that's not going to happen. Just a prediction. 

If you don't like Disney or their movies and characters this post will make no sense to you. If that happens to be you please do tell... how ever did you manage that?

We got this email some distant (or not so distant I can never remember) time in the past that because we have a Disney Visa (what what!) that we could gain entrance to their Holy Grail an entire hour prior to the paupers public. We, along with our neighbors, dressed the kids up in their Disney finest and off we went. At the unholy hour of 8:00 a.m. 

David was Flounder. Avery was Rapunzel. Letty was Tinkerbell. Liam was one very well dressed skeleton complete with tie. It was early. We deserve an award or at least a cuddle or something.

The girls made their own trick-or-treat bags that looked like either Sully or Mike.

They sang songs and paraded around the store (otherwise known as peruse the merchandise) and colored a bit. There was some trick-or-treating that resulted in some freeze dried apples and a sticker. 

The boys played with toys and just generally payed no attention to anything happening in the near-by vicinity. Letteria fought hard against any urge to be with her best friend and chose the high road of non-participation. I've got my hands full before kindergarten. Also, isn't David just the cutest Flounder?

We left a few pounds of Disney toys heavier and a few dollars lighter. We did get 15% off afterall. But it was fun and silly and just something that you do for your kids. Just another Saturday in the life and times of us.