Currently...Or more like lately as this is a post I've been whittling away at for a day or two. Or three.

On The Chalkboard: I'm actually looking forward to erasing this one. I love it but I've got a few Harry Potter ones that have been brewing for awhile and now that it's October I think Halloween-like quotes are appropriate, yes? Get it? Brewing?

Reading: I am ashamed to admit that I am still reading the same thing as the last time I did one of these posts. I'm a bit further in of course. This is not a testament to the book obviously. But it really is pretty good. I just get distracted easily. 

Watching with Matt: This is the End. This group of actors might be Matt's favorite group of actors ever. In fact he said that he can't help but smile when he sees James Franco smile as it just lights up his entire face. Direct quote. This movie was utterly ridiculous. If you follow me on Twitter then you know I still found quite a few parts entertaining. Especially the ending scene involving The Backstreet Boys. So drink wine or whatever when you watch it. The more you drink the funnier they seem. 
Eating: Matt's balls. Of meat. Perverts. Spaghetti and Meatballs. My Grandma's recipe passed down through my uncle to Matt. They are the best. All of it. It's the world's worst photo of the balls but there you have it. I was rushing and I wanted to eat them. 

Drinking: There was a SALE! It was a STEAL! A BARGAIN! Visit all the Wine & Spirits stores in the county and clean them out! Speaking of the stores can we just not anymore? I would find it most entertaining if I could swing by a Scheetz and grab a bottle of red with my Schmiscuit. 

Planning: On a hostile take over of the budget. Just kidding. Sort of. I want a new zippered hoodie as I mentioned before. I'm still waiting on that. So I figure it's on clearance now at Target and I must jump on it. Quickly. So by planning I mean passive aggressively posting it on my blog hoping he reads this and will buy it for me. 

Thinking About: Paint colors. Carpet samples. Light fixtures. Moving lists. Organizing. Packing. You know. Those types of things. 

Watching on the Treadmill: Don't judge me. Don't you dare judge me. My name is Laurie. I am thirty years old and I am currently watching Eclipse. I'm working my way through the series. Again. When you run every day like I do and you run in the comfort of your own home eventually you run out of things to watch. Shameless is done. I needed something else. I realize that's a giant leap. Sometimes you just need to watch something silly am I right? Besides, all the other good stuff I have to wait and watch with Matt. Aggravated sigh.

As I Type This: We are on a Wizard of Oz kick here. I may regret that later tonight when she is dreaming of flying monkeys and the like. But for now it's a nice calm reprieve. Oh and this one too. He's a cutie. 

Anyways. Happy weekend!