corn cob acres by day. torture by night.

Apparently people from neighboring states sometimes travel all the way to our corner of Lancaster County to visit Field of Screams. Sounds like a barrel of laughs right? I used to go to these things in middle school and high school... I would wait in line for more than an hour and pay more than I made in a month (or more likely my parents paid) to get the living crap scared out of me. And I hated every second. Somehow (stupidly) I would go again the next year. Or visit one of the other few such establishments that pop up around here in October. I'm a masochist what can I say. 

Now Corn Cob Acres? That's much more my scene. Fall. Family. Activities. You had me at fall. So you can imagine my surprise when I see the location is the exact same location as the above den of torture. I was a little unsure.... Do they remove the corpses and zombies during the day so the kid's won't have nightmares? Do they cover it all with a tarp or something? Will there be chainsaws? But. I printed a coupon and off we went on Saturday with our adventuring buddies, our neighbors, to check it out. We were only missing Daddy Fitz as he had a certain cute nephew's christening to attend up north. Our loss, their gain. 

It was a beautiful day. Sunny and I believe the term would be crisp with a side of wind. And those zombies? Safely hidden behind a privacy fence. Other than the one on the side of a truck parked in the lot. That one had Letty emphatically stating 'I do not like him!' on repeat. With our coupon we saved a whopping dollar per human. Only David was free. 

This place? Even I was a bit cracked out by it all. Where to go first? There was so much to do. A bounce house. Slides. Playground. Train ride. Hayride. Buggy rides large and small. Face painting. Corn maize. Bouncing horses. Sling shots. Duck races. I mean. Can you imagine? It was blow your hair back fun. 

//we need to mention the pea coat. adorable, albeit large.\\

//what does the fox say?\\

Now these bouncing horse things. I've never seen anything quite like them before. But I think us adults had even more fun on them than the kids. And we got a mini quad workout in too. 

//note the shoe precariously hanging from her foot.\\

And this. It wasn't really a maize because I think it would be impossible to actually get lost in there. But it was adorable. There was a spider web section, a candy corn room and a bat cave complete with tunnel. 

The hayride topped off the day. Avery was quite perceptive and noticed a certain half bone/half man body hanging from a tree. Then we entered a cemetery followed by a radioactive God knows what with arms hanging from barrels. So. Thanks for that Field of Screams. There were children and two slightly neurotic mothers on that hayride. And we now know where all you spooks be hiding. We're on to you.