a museum all to ourselves. almost.

Last Friday I decided to get off the couch and venture back out into the world. During my hiatus the world has turned pretty cold. In case you were wondering. My mother-in-law got us a membership to a local kid's museum (thank you), Hands on House. I took Letteria there once when I was pregnant with David but had never attempted a two kid solo mission. Thankfully they have special "members only" hours and wow. What a great thing. For most of our trip we were the only people there. And THAT makes for an easy solo mission. 

This trip mostly involved Letty playing and David following her around and pointing at things saying ma. Whether that means mom or more or mine I just can't say. But whatever it is it's his favorite so personally I vote mom. 

We steered a pirate ship. David picked a baseball helmet from all the world of dress up items and it made me smile to think he not only looks like an Olsen but he may love baseball like his Great Uncle as well. We shopped at a grocery store complete with scanner. We smacked some germs. We fished. I face painted. We picked corn and sat in a tractor. We built machines and stepped on pedals and made sounds. We learned all about wind. It's quite the place. 

And we're here. We have officially hit two dreaded stages. David becomes a blur in most photos because he is always on the move and has the attention span of a gnat. Letty makes the wondrous fake smile. You know the one. That's going to make for some great Christmas cards. 

Today is our anniversary, so, happy anniversary Matteo-san! It's been a pretty great seven years. Kiss kiss and hugs and all of that.



  1. First of all... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!
    Second of all... I dig the photo of you are the paint brush lol
    Thirdly.. A museum all to yourselves - that sounds rad.

  2. That must have been great having the whole place mostly to yourselves.

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. 7 years!! Happy Anniversary. The trip looked great- I have never been inside, but I have done the half marathon a few times. You should do it with me next year!!


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