where ya'll come from

Today's topic: where do I come from. Well well. I can answer that for you.
I come from some Italians. And some Germans. Mixed in with a Norwegian. I suppose that I'm quite the little mutt aren't I? Two-thirds of the axis powers as my brother and I take to calling it. We wave our nerd flag every now and then.
I come from New York. Long Island to be exact. A place where good Italian food and loud family gatherings surrounded me. I come from a backwoods town in Maine. A place where I played outside and where my imagination was my constant companion. I come from Central Pennsylvania. A place where I graduated a few times and chose to stay for the long haul. 
I come from a mom and a dad who are the best of the best moms and dads. A mom that stays calm in the face of a boo boo, big or small. A dad who puts his family above all else, except maybe his wife. I come from two brothers and a sister. We are one good looking bunch if I may so so myself.
I come from a husband with such a good heart that I remind myself daily that I do not deserve him. A husband who has tamed my temper and loves my family as much as I do. Oh an he's always ready with a good poo joke. 
I come from two little creatures that give me the pleasure of being their mommy. A daughter who constantly challenges me. A son who always lights up my day.
I am the sum of all these parts. The end.
Tomorrow's topic, take off from your life for a few months.