vanilla chai latte please

Today's topic is: go to a coffee shop. order a favorite drink. Write about what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Or anything you'd like. Include pictures of the shop. Or just write someplace new.
So I enter this little shop. It has such a cute name. My Kitchen. Embracing the odors of brewing coffee and steamed milk I smile instantly. The silence surrounding me is warm and comforting like a favorite cozy blanket. I approach the counter and order my beverage of choice. Skinny tall vanilla chai tea latte please and thank you. 
Oh wait. I don't go out to coffee shops. 
If you happen to find a family friendly coffee shop (i.e one with toys and perhaps a television and maybe some goldfish) please let me know I will be there faster than you can say FREEDOM. In the meantime I will hit up a local coffee joint conveniently located kitchen. The barista is friendly enough if you are looking for few words but fast service without a smile. I enjoy the take no prisoners form of customer service. The prices are reasonable as far as coffee goes. I make my selection. I watch it as it brews. Wala. 
This shop happens to be fresh out of chai tea today so I'll fall back on an old favorite. Folgers Gourmet Selections Vanilla Biscotti. The aroma fills the air... I can almost hear it brewing over the babble of the fellow (two) patrons. 

Sweet nectar of the gods. I have it in my hands! The beverage that gets me from morning till acceptable alcoholic beverage hour. In. My. Hands. 
Things I love about this place? Look at that mug. Such a tuscan feel. The comfortable seating. The peace and solitude that it brings with it. Happy sigh. I sit down to enjoy my lovely caffeinated beverage. And focus on what makes me happy and what makes me sad because Jenni says so.
- Coffee. For obvious reasons. 
- Watching these two patrons play together and have conversations. Even if they are one sided in the little girl's favor. They are playing. Chasing each other around and rough housing. Dancing together. Etc. They still have bed head but then again so do I. That's what I love most about this place. No judgement. 
- Mums. And Fall. The changing of the seasons and the impending fall activities.
- Moving closer to my family. I really love them. You'd think I lived across the country from them. I'm a mommy's/daddy's girl. Fact. 
- Leaving our best friends and neighbors. I can see their home from this here coffee shop. And I'll miss feeling so connected to a place because of said people's. 
- Not being able to take the two maple trees my Grandma bought us when we moved in here with us when we go (excuse that wretched sentence). They have grown so tall in the past six years and the leaves are just starting to change. I love watching them change every year because they really are quite beautiful (duh). And some part of me feels like I'm leaving her here with them. Which is utterly ridiculous. 
- Watching 10 Things I Hate About You last night and realizing that came out FOURTEEN years ago. And I was sixteen when that happened. Almost half my life. Marinate in that. 
- Discovering that no place will take my highlighted hair if I should decide to chop ten inches off. I've got a lot of hair. It would make a good wig. Such a shame to waste it. 
This list certainly seems weighted towards the sad doesn't it? Sounds like me. This is why I don't normally just sit and think with my coffee. I do what Oprah calls "multi-tasking."
Anyways this coffee shop is open 24/7. Although anytime after 5 you'll be able to order alternative beverages. Hit it up. 
We are SO very close to being done with this nonsense. Yay!
Tomorrow's topic, here's to you, Facebook.