social media

How has blogging and/or social media changed me?
I am relatively new to the blogging world. But not to social media. I love social media. I love it with bacon. I love it with pancakes. (crickets chirping?)
All Wedding Crashers quotes aside, I love this community. I love reading what all these smart women have to say. Instagram and Twitter? The best. Quick and easy and very entertaining. I guess how I have changed for the worse is that I'm much more attached to my phone. It's in front of my face more than it should be. I've thought about a no iPhone during _____ time rule but I usually break that. Except during dinner. Unless there is something I need to look up of course. 
As far as blogging goes I'm just really having a great time here. I always took a lot of photos of my family and my kids and places I go so that's nothing new. Maybe I try to take better photos because I know I'm not the only one looking? I sometimes find myself thinking oh that would be fun for a blog post! But maybe that's just taking this whole thing way too seriously. Oh and sometimes when I'm out and someone says oh I saw that on your blog I instantly blush and hope I haven't bored/offended/annoyed them at all with this thing. 
Hey, it's all part of learning eh?
Tomorrow's topic, a selfie.