see you in three months

If you've been around here for any length of time you probably know my obsession with all things Italian. So If I could take a three month break from this current set-up of my life I would be in Italy for those three months.
Since this is clearly a fantasy I will add that in my version of this life I wouldn't have to fly across the ocean to get to Italy. I'd, I dunno, teleport there or something. There wouldn't be any jet-lag either while we are on the topic of travel.  I wouldn't be alone. I would have my entire family along for the ride.  My parents and siblings and of course Matt and the kids.  I would be in some wonderful villa with a wonderful view. I would spend my days investigating Roman churches and eating Italian food and drinking Italian Wine. We would hang outside surrounded by vines. By the end of three months all of us, children included, would be Italian speakers. 

I just might never come back. 

Tomorrow's topic, useful advice, from me to you.