schtuff happens

Today's topic is to write about a time I screwed up. A mistake that I made. Now I'm not one to admit I'm wrong often. Read: at all. But here is one mistake I made that was pretty bad. Or pretty stupid depending on how you look at it. 

Disclaimer: Beware dog owners! I am not a dog lover. I am not even a dog liker. I am sorry for this. I truly am. I wish I was. You dog lovers seem like a really cool bunch. You know how some people don't like kids? Well I don't like dogs. I don't wish them harm and I cry every time I see that Sarah McLachlan commercial on TV. But I still would prefer to not be around dogs. Hence the stupidity of this mistake.

A mistake I made, quite possibly the biggest one of my life (heavy I know), was getting a dog. I was going through something that was affecting every aspect of my life. I thought a puppy would alleviate some of that pain. Perhaps distract? I had heard all the warnings... the hair... the drool... the responsibility... etc. My father was taking bets on how long till we gave the dog back.  But I was dead set on getting one. Matt wanted one.  I thought if I was around a dog from the puppy stage on I would grow to be a dog lover. And once you go see those adorable little puppies with their floppy ears you just think oh my goodness I can't leave her there! and then I wanted her too. So we got a puppy. Bella. Our German Shepard. 

Fast forward four years. She is a good dog. She is a beautiful dog. She was just a dog that I wished we had never gotten. She deserved to go to a family that would LOVE having her. Every aspect of having her. Where she was a member of the family loved by all. The nuisances of having a dog were weighing heavily on us both and we decided that the pros did not outweigh the cons. In our particular case. Our basement was filthy (remember I am OCD). Our yard had nice big landmines throughout. It was a hassle that we did not want at this time with two little kids running around. I will admit... this was mostly my doing. Matt would have kept her forever I know.

Don't worry dog lovers. She's with such a nice family now, since March I think? And she's thriving. She even has a doggie sibling. 

Are we cool? You forgive?  This was my mistake. I swear I won't make it again. Scout's honor.

Tomorrow's topic, coffee anyone?