Today's topic is to share a time I feared. I have a feeling that most of the wonderful ladies participating in Blogtember will have a legitimately scary story to share. A heavy one at that. I have been scared a lot in my life. Mostly in regards to the health of those I love. Matt getting in a car accident. Letty falling. Twice. David's heart rate dropping during labor. My mom getting cancer. My dad's stroke. Death. Scary stuff that stuff. 

//my family around the time of the incident\\

But guess what? This isn't one of those types of posts. 

My story begins on my 13th birthday. I had a sleepover. The first of it's kind for myself. There were five of us? Details. Someone had the genius idea after midnight to play a rousing game of truth or dare. Someone singing Mariah Carey on the back porch transformed into that someone doing it in their underwear into everyone doing it in their underwear into everyone in their underwear running around my house. Not singing. So, yeah. Let's do that.


Called out. Just like that. From the dark house.... We were spotted. I would like to say that we silently and humbly returned to the basement. I'm sure the reality was something more along the lines of squealing and giggling our way back through the basement window. We crawled behind bushes and back into the basement. But that wasn't the scary part.

Ring. Ring.

Is that you God? No.... It was my Father. Capital F. With such menace in his voice that I had not heard before or since he said, "Laurie, you shut up and go to bed or I am going to come down there and kill you."

Now, I had never received a death threat before. Come to think of it that's my only one to date. I deserved it I'll tell you. Fear. Of. God. I laid on the couch in complete silence for the duration of the sleepover. I didn't make eye contact the following morning when I mumbled the sincerest of apologies. It was years until my next sleepover. I was scared straight. 

Disclaimer: my father would never hurt any of us. He was simply trying to get us to shut the eff up. And guess what? It worked.

Monday's topic, I take a test. Of the personality kind.