pull up a chair as we proudly present:

Our new bench!!

I told you it was coming. I didn't know it would happen this quickly... but here it is!

As I mentioned last week, Handy Matty built us a new and larger kitchen table.  Now being the cheapskate that I am I didn't want to purchase six new chairs, or even two chairs that didn't match... so I thought of the genius idea of a bench. Great for the kids. Can fit more than two of them. Letty is much less likely to fall off of a bench. Etc. My mother in all her creative glory saw these wrought iron brackets located elsewhere in our house and she deemed them bench worthy. Now we have iron iron everywhere. 

Oh. And please excuse Letteria's hair. It is the end of the day after all. At least when I took these.

Now. We just need a bigger kitchen.