personality type

 So I am an ISTJ. 

I've taken these types of tests numerous times... For work... for premarital counseling... for fun. I just never remember my four letters. And hell they may be different every time. Because bottom line can a test that takes just a matter of minutes really sum up who you are? That said, you too can take this free test here

So what is an ISTJ? Punctual. Oh yes ma'am. Emotionally aloof. Check. Frustrated by the inconsistencies of others. Oh you bet. Truth wins over tact. Amen. Logical. Facts. Have I mentioned logical?

So my reaction is that it hit the nail on the head. Mostly. I always knew I should have been a detective. But it might have missed out on my insecurities. My self-consciousness. Sometimes I can be quite the irrational person when I want to be. I'm very impulsive. Anyways. It's free. Give it a whirl.
Tomorrow's topic, life took a turn.