people place or thing. yadda yadda.

Today's Blogtember topic (yawn) is to review a book, place or product. Heavy sigh. I am just loving that I signed up for this link-up. And I know I could quit but I just don't do that sort of thing. Besides, end in sight people.

Guess what I'm doing Sunday? NOT going to a baby shower for a dear friend of mine from high school that's what. In an effort to make up for my absence, because it will be so very missed (hi my name is Laurie and I'm sarcastic) we decided to treat her to dinner and some presents last night. She chose the place. A pregnant woman in a brewery to me is like a diabetic in a bakery but hey. To each her own. We went to Iron Hill. So I will review my evening. Because this topic makes me have the shakes.

First off I shall review my beverage. We were early so my other dear high school friend and I sat at the bar for some aperitifs. Of the red wine variety. I know what you're thinking. Brewery? You order wine? Joke's on you pal. It was good. It was red. Moving on.

This menu at this place is near tome-like. I really went out on a limb and got a cheeseburger. Sharp cheddar. Medium. With sweet potato fries. I don't eat coleslaw, tomato or lettuce so I can't speak to what that was like. The cheeseburger was fine if a bit salty. The sweet potato fries were quite thick and I personally prefer the skinnier ones but other than dissecting the girth of the fries they were tasty. The pickle was banging. I love a good dill.

These shoes. Matt got them for me forever ago because my love language is gifts. First time wearing them. They made my feet sweat but I love them and they are comfy. From Target. 

And so wraps up my review. So... happy baby shower to you! Oh and where shall I be? Watching 30 Seconds to Mars. BOOYA.
Tomorrow's topic, the one where I make a mistake. Or maybe I won't post it. Who knows.