online shopping. do i dare?

I'm a BIG online shopper. Just not a boutique online shopper. I'm a Target, Old Navy, Forever 21, Amazon online kind of shopper. In fact I do 100% of my Christmas shopping online. Beat the crowds. Beat the cold. And shop in your leggings from the comfort of your couch with some vino while your kids sleep? Oh yeah. So I will take this opportunity to think outside the big chain stores box.

Bip and Bop. I love how dainty their jewelry is. I'm not the biggest jewelry wearer. I normally have a piece and wear it every day until I find a new one. But these are next to never "statement" pieces. For Mother's Day this year Matt got me this little beauty but with the kid's initials. I love how affordable their stuff is as well. I could go a bit crazy over it. 

Violet's Playground. I actually know this woman in real life. She's incredibly sweet and very fast! I have a few hats from her. The blue sock monkey as seen below and a pumpkin one. They are just... I mean. Adorable. And wasn't D just quite the little baby here? Only a week old. Excuse me a moment while I sniffle over it.

Here is a big one. Accents of Salado. I have been in love with this store and this website for more years than I care to admit. I've just never purchased anything from there. I used to check back here weekly to just get new ideas. I did end up finding this light fixture elsewhere thanks to a certain electrician in the family and I love it. But this is where I found it first. This website. I drool sometimes.

There really is just nothing after that.

Tomorrow's topic, blogging has changed me how.