oh just some old thing

Today's topic: Share a photo of something old. 
I am a very sentimental person. A hopeless sentimentalist I guess. Things passed down to me from a grandparent or great-grandparent mean a lot. I really treasure them. Picking just one took some thought. But I give you: my Grammy's peridot ring. 

The story goes that my Poppop, who traveled for work often, brought this home for his wife after a trip in India. I'm the only granddaughter with an August birthday so I was the obvious choice. I've worn it often. I've shared it with my sister-in-law on the day she married my brother... I shared it with my sister on her wedding day. It was their "something old." Someday I will give it to Letteria, also an August birthday. I hope she will love it and care for it as much as I do. 
Thanks for joining me on another blog challenge! Sayonara Blogtember! Here's to October!


  1. Very pretty ring. Such a great tradition to pass along. My sister had my mom's wedding ring, that was passed down to her, sewn into the bodice of my wedding dress for my something old. It was very nice of you to lend yours as well, I am sure it meant so much to them.

  2. What a beautiful ring! I love vintage rings! I bet it meant so much to your sister & sister in law to borrow it. Lovely story! :)


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