meet my handy man

Give him an idea and it shall be done. My husband. The handy man of my dreams. Projects completed (and for the sake of this post please pronounce projects like Mike Holmes, pro-jects): finished the basement (all of it but carpeting), our fence, slate flooring in our kitchen, back splash, decorative ceiling tiles in powder room, chair molding, decorative wall paneling, Letteria's dress-up station, storage bench for David's toys, pallet end table, laundry room shelf, master closet shelving, pallet headboard, various painting pro-jects, not to mention all the maintenance/repair that comes with being a homeowner. I could go on all day. Suffice it to say he's the best thing since sliced bread.

This newest pro-ject was of course born from my "creative" mind and then I cut him loose. My 89 year old grandmother had the base to an old sewing machine. Foot peddle and all! She was using it as a desk and knows I like wrought iron pieces so she passed it on to us. She can't remember if it was her mother's or her grandmother's... But either way it is quite old. I had been wanting a kitchen table with capacity to seat six...So (drum roll) I give you... Our new kitchen table!

Nice right!? The wood burning thing was all him. He's crafty! Next he plans on making a bench for the kiddos to go along with this table. Stay tuned!!!



  1. Very cool. Reminds me of our antique sewing machine at the farm. Matt really is talented! I would like to send Jordan over to be his apprentice on his next project. :) Looks great!

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  3. Are you serious right now????? I WANT YOUR TABLE!!!!!

  4. Sorry about that- My computer was going all crazy- changed my name to an extremely old username- and posted my comment twice :) whoopsie none the less- an awesome table!


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